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“Strong teacher-student relationships have long been considered a foundational aspect of a positive school experience"

The workshop on 'How to be more effective in classroom '  was conducted  on 29th  July , 2022. The resource person for this  workshop was Mr. Sandeep Solanki, Keynote speaker.
The session started with a brief discussion on 'Students challenges today'  and  'What do we want from our students'.

Sir focused on how to establish a positive relationships with students and how to Provide a clear structure as students respond positively to a structured learning environment. 
Sandeep sir said that a teacher should not be so focused on lecturing that you allow no room for questions. You should invest more in getting the students interested and engaged in the subject matter instead of just making sure that all the knowledge is conveyed.

In effective classrooms, students take part in discussions, investigations, and experiments that broaden their knowledge and skills.
It was an interactive and enlightening workshop.
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