HEMA Higher Secondary School,Bhopal
Hema Hr. Sec. School
Govindpura, Bhopal - 462023
Curriculum- Primary School

In Primary School, children enter the world of formal teaching and learning. At this stage, the child is beginning to focus longer and is developing an awareness of self and a need to be a part of the group. The School curriculum focuses on building on skills acquired in pre-primary and aims to enhance the child’s knowledge base.

  • The curriculum focuses on enhancing children’s listening and communicating skills along with improving numerical, analytical and reasoning skill by giving students opportunities to observe, explore and infer.
  • Academic content is integrated with multimedia smart board learning to engage learners and help them grasp the content effectively.
  • Learning is ensured through graded exercise, workbooks, projects and assignments throughout the year.
  • Along with academics, extra- curricular activities like sports, art and craft, singing and dancing are integrated in daily teaching to develop multiple intelligence of students. Reading habit is inculcated at this stage through ‘STAR’ (Stop Take a Book and Read) activity once a month.
  • Children are encouraged to visit the library during School hours to acquire knowledge beyond the textbooks.
  • Computer classes are integrated with the academic schedule to help students gain knowledge about the digital world.
  • The foundation of mathematical concepts are developed during the primary stage focusing on numeracy skills and reasoning ability.
  • Nature Walks and Field Trips are organised as part of the curriculum to facilitate learning and social development of children.
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