HEMA Higher Secondary School,Bhopal
Hema Hr. Sec. School
Govindpura, Bhopal - 462023
Curriculum- Higher secondary School

The Senior Secondary School emphasizes on core subject knowledge, enabling students to gain deeper insights and better perspective on subjects they have chosen for their future career prospects.

We focuses on conceptual learning, understanding and application of acquired knowledge. The curriculum has an integrated approach to achieve subject based learning outcomes and development of skills such as building reasoning ability, logical thinking, problem-solving skills and inter-disciplinary knowledge.

  • The School offers Science ,Commerce and Humanities Stream. The subjects offered in Science stream are Mathematics/Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English with Optional subject as Computer Science/Physical Education/ Hindi/Sanskrit.
  • In Commerce stream, the subject choices are Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, English, with optional subject as Computer Science/Physical Education/ Hindi/ Mathematics.
  • In Humanities stream the subject  offered are Political science, History, Economics, English with optional subjects as computer science/ Physical Education,  Hindi, Mathematics.
  • In all the streams students study English language as a compulsory subject.
  • Student Council members are elected from these sections to identify and enrich leadership and organisational skills.
  • Development of communication and listening skills by conducting activities such as debates, extempore, group discussions, drama and role-play etc.
  • Experiential learning through investigatory project work, laboratory experiments, presentations etc.
  • Preparing students for higher educational pursuits.
  • Personalized academic support to students via enrichment classes to reinforce concepts learnt in the classroom and reduce learning gaps.
  • Career counselling sessions are conducted to identify individual talent of students and choose a path that would be appropriate for them.
  • Harness personality development and leadership skills in students for their social, physical, and psychological growth.
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