HEMA Higher Secondary School,Bhopal
Hema Hr. Sec. School
Govindpura, Bhopal - 462023
Curriculum- Pre-Primary School

Pre-Schools are the most crucial years for the child and the experiences during these years are etched in the mind forever. At, this age children love to play and explore by engaging in activities that enable movements and interactions. It is therefore, important for the school to kindle their inherent curiosity at this stage. Theories and goals of education need to be catered  to keeping in mind that all children are unique and talented in their own way.

The Pre-Primary Curriculum at HEMA Higher Secondary School aims to create a conducive, congenial and convenient atmosphere for children to develop in a holistic way. The methodologies incorporate several well established techniques to make learning fun.

  • The curriculum follows a thematic approach which introduces children to a range of learning experiences that require active exploration, reasoning, problem solving techniques and acquiring concepts and skills.
  • Curriculum integrates Mathematics, English, EVS and Hindi through thematic approach to make learning a delightful experience. Classroom activities are planned accordingly to develop and encourage student's listening and speaking skill, numerical skill, reading skill, social and motor skills.
  • Activities planned are age appropriate to enhance the holistic development of each child.
  • Classrooms are decorated with colorful wall displays made by teachers as well as children and sight words to encourage learning.
  • Story telling Enactment, recitation, dramatic play, role-play, song and dance are conducted to encourage fluency in speech, build self- confidence and develop multiple intelligence in students.
  • Environmental values are inculcated to create awareness about Mother Nature through planting activities and discouraging the use of plastic bags.
  • Field Trips and excursions are organised to foster learning through experiences.
  • Festivals and special celebrations help children to understand values, cultural heritage and appreciate diversity.
  • The Pre-primary school aims to prepare a happy and a confident child who is ready to make a smooth transition into the world of formal education at the primary level.

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